Latest AAR-From Latest Franc Tireur Pack-FT193 En Force!

Overview- Set in April 1944 Crimea, En Force is set at a time when the end of the war on the Eastern Front was coming to end at the hands of the Red Army.  The highlight of the scenario is two German Stugs taking on  two Russian T-34's on a playing area akin to a small town, with the Romanian forces being supplied well with support weapons and German armor. The Axis attacking forces are all Romanian with the excepetion of the two German Stugs whom my opponent Olli played as, with me taking the defending Russians.

Enjoy the AAR!

Objective: Romanians win if they control all multi-hex buildings 2 hexes or closer to 49Q10, and 3 hexes or closer to 49Y10

 Playing Time: 6 1/2 turns, 5 hours approx

Playing Area: N-GG on boards 49 and 57

Axis and Russian OB's (Much Better Image Is On The Way, Apologies!):

My Defensive Strategy:
The Russians have reasonably high caliber troops, in keeping with other mid 1944 Russian scenarios I have played. Half the Russian Infantry OB are assault troops, with only a 2 hex range, so I assume that these are to be used as 'front line troops' (e.g. to engage the enemy as soon as possible at close range) to slow the enemy advance sufficiently so that I can re-group and get into better position to stop the Axis getting across the road and into the VP buildings.I will immediately use the crew of my truck to scrounge the HMG, then transfer the HMG to the half squad passengers who disembarked. Unsure why as much of board 57 has been included as there seems to be no real need for it (with the exception perhaps of the Axis vehicles driving a long way around to my rear but there is not enough time for that). I will spilt my forces 50-50 across the 49N8-49Y8-49EE5 road as I predict that the axis will use the cover of the buildings to the east with infantry plus armor (set up squad with ATR in 49EE6) to hide movement and the large building area to the west and center.  Have all roads covered as much as possible to force the enemy to attempt to bypass them, or split up his forces.  The Axis will create many Kill Stacks initially for clearance of buildings then spread them out so that there are a wall of Infantry units to flood over the road. Anticipate enemy Russian Vehicles sitting far back enough to have LOS to the VP buildings but out of relative danger to my own Russian T-34's.  The Flamethrower is really going to be a main asset of the Axis in clearing my men out of buildings! Will set my SU on the board 49 road to stop his tanks from immediately driving straight up to my VP buildings, one T34 hull down in 49T9 for a reasonable CA and good protection from German Stugs, and the other in 49BB8 to be able to cover an eastern flank attack quickly.  My Car set up 49Y8 to be in a position to cover the road if necessary or the open ground /woods to the north. Here it goes!

Axis Turn 1 - Axis split his forces practically in half to make tow simultaneous flanking attempts, as I predicted, with one infantry group in the middle (notably the mortar, who made for the woods T4 for safety and firing range). Disaster! My Russian SU tank set up on the 49Q Road was a really daft thing to do, as I mistakenly temporarily thought that the Axis Vehicles were coming on board -Stug set up 6 hexes away fired and wrecked a great asset. The other Stug moved to the east out of LOS of my T34 but close enough to be a tempting target or a dangerous threat, I decided tasty target!  Infantry to the West CX'ing in great numbers to good effect over the open ground and orchards, with good success, as it is difficult to set up enough forces near there to combat them effectively.  Russian squad in Building 49EE6 Rolling low consecutively to break almost all squads, except MMC with Flamethrower and SMC, using Final Protective Fire to do so, as Axis infantry moved adjacent were adjacent. I feel already that I may be overwhelmed quickly, and that my set up should have been a far tighter circle around the VP buildings.

Russian Turn 1 - Car gets 1MC on Axis infantry in the woods, breaking two squads and SMC, whilst causing HOB for a third. Not much more firing to retain my Russian concealment,and to skulk out of the way. My T-34 in 49BB8 moved to engage the Axis Stug nearby, both sides intensive / sustained firing but with no results.  Other T-34 Hull Down behind the wall moves to 49Q10 to engage Axis stacks in building hexes 4907 / 49P8.  I moved a Russian squad into the ongoing melee from Axis Turn 1, to no avail, still in melee.

Axis Turn 2 - Axis Stug on road 49Q10 moves down the road, and whilst moving adjacent, I for the first time as advised by the games more knowledgeable umpire (as I am still newish!), attempted street fighting (which I hadn't even been aware existed!) and successfully and wrecked his tank. To add insult to the Axis player, he rolled a 12 on a 20 @ 3 shot with his stacks combined in 4907 / 49P8. Romanian Tank attempts an over run on a Russian squad, who pass their 1MC. Russian T-34 and Axis Stug begin a Gun Duel, both again intensive / sustained firing and still no results for either side. Axis moves another squad into ongoing melee.  Melee still produces no results for either side.

Russian Turn 2 - Russian T-34 intensive fires at Stug on eastern side of board 49 and gets a wreck result. The other T-34 targeting the buildings caused two acquired squads to break, another pinning. Vehicle crew scrounged the trucks machine gun, with the 3-2-8 half squad passengers disembarking (the only reason I did this so late was because I forgot!), advancing in to 49V10 in the advance phase. Broken Axis units to the east prevented from rallying to my firing to incur DM on broken squads. Melee still ongoing with no results.

Axis Turn 3 - Exchanges of fire from both sides across the 49N8-49Y8-49EE5 road without any serious results for either side.  Melee ongoing, with no result still for either side.
Russian Turn 3 - Skulking by as many MMC as possible, half squad with HMG advance into building 49W10 in the advance phase. Most broken Axis units to the east still prevented from rallying again due my firing to incur DM on broken squads. Ongoing melee produces a casualty reduction result in an Romanian squad.

Axis Turn 4 - Player Concedes, Russian Win.

Game End Analysis - This game was played by Olli and I, as he was eager to try out a scenario, as I assume we all are, from the recent batch from Franc Tireur. The speed and numbers at which the Axis infantry moved at first is certainly the way to go about business at the game's start (though separately and not in stacks), with the Axis Stugs and Romanian Tank cautiously moving forward to goad the Russian armor in to coming after them.  The Russian player may think they have lost the first game turn but as long as the 49N8-49Y8-49EE5 road is covered well, it will be a challenge for the Axis to get across.  Ironically, I believe that if I was attacking (which I look forward to!) the Axis troops such be used in a typically Russian manner, infantry numbers massing attacks at relative speed to break through the crucial defensive positions, and yes some will die or break, but if done correctly, it will work, as once the Axis get into the VP buildings, it will be difficult to get them out again. Although I never had the chance to use it, the truck seems useless, and is only good for the HMG it carries to be scrounged.  Like the last AAR I reported on, the defender must apply patience even when it seems hopeless.  The Axis could have moved the Stug that I wrecked via Street fighting in bypass down the road once past the wall, and been ok.  The ongoing CC for almost the whole game was an unfortunate turn of events for the Axis player, as the dice just were not sympathetic, and cost him three much needed squads not in KIA's but in time.  

Final Comments -  From our understanding, only vehicle crews can scrounge the Russian trucks' HMG, but it can easily be passed to the half squad (beneficial as they have higher morale).  A well balanced scenario with a bit of everything in it for everyone, but still not sure why as much of board 57 as it was.  The other scenarios in the pack also look just as great!

My apologies for the low detail compared to other AAR's, it's just that I was only visiting and never expected a game, and my iPhone notes isn't a fair substitute for good ol' pen and notepad! Also I recieved feedback to include more pictures, I may have overdone it this time!

If you have read this, please leave your feedback, I would really appreciate it!

Roll Low!



  1. Nice AAR,and I really like your blog, keep up the nice work (but don't burn yourself out!).

    My blog goes in spurts, but I do enjoy working on it.

  2. Great AAR and nice looking blog. I like the extra pictures you provide... they add flavor.

  3. Hi Curtis!
    Thanks for your comments, I am glad that you think my efforts are worthwhile