Wednesday, 26 December 2012

AAR - FTC InThe Mouth of Madness

I recently played a three player game out of 'From The Cellar - Pack 4' named 'In The Mouth Of Madness' (some of those Russian Civil War scenarios really are excellent) with the red army setting up in the objective building (fortified) with myself as the Bolsheviks (Russian Counters), and the other player as the SSP (French Counters inc. French Commissar!) .
Set up - Red Army in the building and have three unposessed BIG! guns (120, 120 and 150 or something like that) well to the east that RD has to be made when possessed to dtermine covered arc, Bolsheviks set up/enter on the south or/and a few hexes north of the building but may enter south east, SSP set up/enter North or/and a few hexes south of the building and may enter north east. All armies set up in secret. Get it? Don't worry - it took all three of us a while and we were playing it lol! So it ended up that on turn 1 the SSP and Bolsheviks literally walked into each other whilst the Red Army set back and watched (instead of going beserk for a change!). At game end the SSP player and I agreed that to win against the Red Russians the two armies would have to form a temporary unofficial alliance for a few turns to kick the Red Russians Out.
Conclusion - Due to the set up, I set up behind the SSP's main force, whislt the Red Russian has LOS to the SSP but not me - The SSP were decimated (thanks to my SAN of 5 too!) but there was no way to throw out the Red Russians out (which is historically what happened) - great game

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