Wednesday, 26 December 2012

To blaze or not to blaze...

I  played a scenario against an experienced player - A110 Shanghai in Flames (half of boards 20+1) and every building or near enough, was ablaze by the scenario's end. The opponent quipped that Blazes ruin scenarios, and did on that occasion he thought, however I disagreed and counter argued that blazes often take away the 'control' of the scenario (which some ASL gamers seem to be forever wanting more of even at the expense of logic and historical facts) and instead offers a far more realistic, spontaneous, challenging situation that soldiers actually face in battle - it also ups the skill level and makes both players work harder. I am not talking about scenarios where grain catches fire and cuts the board in two, I mean more general situations with tanks and buildings . Any thoughts?

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  1. Fires happen in war all the time - part of playing with explosives and gun powder. Welcome to the world of blogging.